We are a group of believers with a passion for the well-being of orphans and street children. We want to assure you that 100% of the donations you provide will directly benefit these children. None of it will be used for organizational purposes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer orphans and street children a new, safe home, with Yeshua/ The Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Provider. We are grateful for your support and wish that you may be blessed to be a blessing!

The calling

On our website, you’ll discover the remarkable story of Johan, who found a calling in caring for orphans, street children, and widows. His journey began in Rwanda, with the vision that more countries will follow, considering the increasing challenges faced by needy children.

Explore Johan’s transformation and how he found his connection with God/Yahuah, making him a dedicated follower of Yeshua.

Johan’s Path to Faith

After a dark period in his life, Johan experienced a turning point in 2006, inspired by a conversation with a prostitute who purchased clothing and accessories from him. During this time, Johan operated an erotic club and sold erotic items outside. Driven by financial need, he cried out to Yahuah and experienced divine intervention. This moment marked a turning point, and his life took a new spiritual direction.

From Darkness to Light

In 2015, Johan was inspired by George Muller, renowned for his care of orphans. After intensive prayer and research, Johan began to walk in Muller’s footsteps for the glory of Yahuah. He received clarity regarding his calling after a period of prayer and fasting in 2017.

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Initiation of the Agape Family

Through a vision and a special online meeting with Jean Pierre in 2017, Jean Pierre began gathering street children under the name Agape Family, which has now grown into a large family of 3048 former orphans and former street children, still under the leadership of Jean Pierre.

Meeting and Collaboration with Naomi

In 2018, Johan met his future wife Naomi. Together, they contribute to the guidance of Jean Pierre and the children of the Agape and Shalom families and serve as the driving force behind ‘Calling from Yahuah,’ with the aim of providing assistance to those who are spiritually, physically, or emotionally struggling.

Mission in Norway

In 2020, a vision from Yahuah led Johan and Naomi to Norway, where they invested their resources in the Agape Family to facilitate shelter and to meet all their necessities of life.

Financial Support and Vision for the Future

Support for ‘Calling from Yahuah’ is steadily growing, enabling Johan and Naomi to assist more orphans and street children. They aspire to establish further partnerships to enhance the lives of these children, with a current focus on engaging in collaborations for the well-being of the children.

On the website, we provide regular updates about the families, the distribution of donations, and testimonials of the miracles performed by Yahuah. Additionally, you can find information on how to contribute and special projects on the “initiatives” page.

With love and God’s Abundant Blessings,

Team Calling from Yahuah


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