The two families in Rwanda

Agape Family

The large family where 3048 children care for each other
After 3.5 years, we received new photos and videos from Jean Pierre of the Agape Family school complex in Rwanda, currently housing 3048 children saved from the streets and famine.

Agape buildings

The complex has a capacity for 10,000 children and consists of 9 buildings and agricultural land where food is grown. They are mostly self-sustaining, with facilities like a 15,000-liter water tank, 72 toilets and 64 showers.

How it began

Shortly after a Divine connection in December 2017, Jean Pierre started gathering street children. Within 6 months, Johan’s vision became a reality, and now Jean Pierre leads the Agape family, which includes teams such as the cooking team and the child care team. All 3048 children follow the faith of Yahushua.


Johan, responsible for Calling From Yahuah, has daily contact with Jean Pierre and helps with counseling and guidance. Jean Pierre is sometimes considered crazy because he dedicates his life to these children.

Future plans

There are plans to go to Rwanda to make a documentary about Agape Family. Please pray for their mission.

Interview with Jean-Pierre, leader of the Agape Family

Shalom Family

200 children lovingly embraced in a secure family

Through Facebook, Yahuah connected Johan with Joseph in 2018, a man with a passion for orphaned and street children, evident in his history of his parents caring for 7 children. In 2018, the Holy Spirit inspired Johan to establish Shalom Family, with Joseph as the leader of 200 former street children.

The concept

Johan and Joseph maintain regular contact through Joseph’s neighbor’s phone, as basic internet in Rwanda is free. Shalom Family has a house with land where they cultivate food and their own water supply, ensuring they are not reliant on polluted river water. The children and Joseph help others in their community and invite street children to join them. All the children follow the faith of Yeshua, praising their Savior, and their joy, despite their few possessions, is inspiring to Johan. He emphasizes that we in the West can learn much from them.