The last couple of months this was the Food supply for the 3.048 children in Agape Family in Rwanda:
700 kgs Beans and 700 kgs Rice was delivered once every 9 days
The children have been able to eat 5 out of those 9 days
This means 140 kgs beans and rice for 3.048 children, which translates into 92 grams of food per child every other day.

We pray and we believe that better days are coming for those precious and faithful children of Yahuah, God Almighty 🙏

Dear friend/brother or sister of CFY,

Here is the EXTENDED update on the distribution of donations from 25 October until 14 November.


Currently with 3,048 children.
On 25 October 2023 four older neighbours were put in prison due to their evil children. The four older neighbours had been helping Agape Family for many months already and Agape Family was taking care of them, because they (the neighbours)  lost their grounds and their harvest and they had no food. The Holy Spirit had told Johan to share with Jean Pierre that they had to share their food with the four neighbors. In Agape Family there was no wood, so the neighbors gave the wood of their destroyed house. And because of this help to Agape Family the evil children now wanted money from Agape Family. The poor people have no money and that is the reason why they were put in prison.

Jean Pierre was taken from home at 11:00am and he was questioned by the government, about what was happening with the older people and Agape Family and why this was all happening, until 10:30pm.

On 27 October Johan was praying and talking with a dear brother in Norway. It was about what to do with ground number 17, the forest. Johan started to pray extra and now he also knew the amount of money to pray for. The ground owners then reduced the price with 384,000 rwf. For Johan this was a confirmation that our Heavenly Father “Yahuah” was working on behalf of Agape Family. The dear friend and brother told Johan that he wanted to be a bigger blessing for CFY and that he wanted to pray for it.

Within 5 hours he called Johan and he told him that he transferred the whole amount to bless Agape Family with this forest.

This is how it should work with everybody; pray and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to do for His Name, Honor and Glory!!!

Amazing, what a testimony about what 1 faithful man can do for so many poor children.

This brother and friend is so blessed and more blessings are coming in Yeshuas Mighty Name Amen.

On 29 October the children of the neighbors went to the police and they sent the police to Agape Family. The police came to Agape Family and they asked what else was taken/brought in from the neighbors’ belongings and what Agape family had kept behind in terms of valuables. Of course there was nothing to be found.

On 30 October Jean Pierre had to provide children with water. It was about the children who were not moving, including Isimbi (the sister of Jean-Pierre). After they had gotten water under guidance of the Holy Spirit the children were doing much better. Praise be to our Heavenly Father “Yahuah”!

On 31 October the gift for Ground 17 arrived on the Dutch bank account and it was sent to Jean Pierre. He went to the notary and he handed her the money. She then put the forest of ground number 17 in name of CFY/Agape Family. Then Jean Pierre fainted. When he regained consciousness he was at home in Agape Family. The notary had brought Jean Pierre home and she had arranged the cutting of trees together with her employees. She had cooked 195kgs of beans and 240kgs of rice for Agape Family. What a blessing! Praise be to our Heavenly Father “Yahuah”! Johan had been praying beforehand to send someone to Agape Family to cut trees.

During the visitation of the notary, Jean Pierre had prayed for her cancer. On 3 November he received a message from her stating that she had been to the doctor and that he no longer could find any cancer in her body. Glory for the King of Kings, Yeshua!

On 3 November Johan sent a gift on behalf of CFY. This gift was used again for 700kgs of rice and 700kgs of beans. This would be the final time that we would have to buy food, for Agape Family was expecting another big harvest from its own ground!

Also diverse bills were partially paid, such as the seed salesmen, shop owner Jules, the phone sales person and the drug store.

The Holy Spirit spoke through Johan that Agape Family would have to get an extra leader (a couple of days later the reason became very clear). It became Igiraneza. He was 25 years old. He would become Jean Pierre’s right hand. Nobody knew beforehand that Jean Pierre would be locked up in prison (a few days after the Holy Spirit spoke about selecting an extra leader). However the Holy Spirit did know. And our Heavenly Father “Yahuah” arranged this leader to take care of the children while Jean Pierre was locked up unfairly. Praise Him!

Igiraneza was picked out by Yahuah, because this leader had become an orphan himself. He already had been a leader in the orphanage that was closed down after 16 years. Because of this closure Igiraneza came into Agape Family.

During the trip and all visitations Jean Pierre had to do, such as the bank, seed salesmen, shop owner Jules and the phone salesperson, it had turned dark when Jean Pierre came to the final address. It was also cold and Jean Pierre was tired and hungry. The kind phone salesperson offered Jean Pierre food, drink and a bed to sleep. That eventually led to drama. The wife of the salesperson started to force Jean Pierre to sleep with her. Johan immediately had to think of the Bible story about Joseph. When the woman noticed it wasn’t working, she phoned the police and started to spread lies about Jean Pierre. Without a fight he was thrown in prison. It was a miracle he was allowed to keep his phones and he phoned the notary straight away. She came to the police station and she showed all the bills Jean Pierre had paid for the phone. Jean Pierre was released and the phone salesman and his wife were thrown into prison instead. The notary took Jean Pierre to her house. Over there he got a good meal and he could rest from all these adventures. We are grateful for the blessing in this woman and how our Almighty Heavenly Father “Yahuah” used her. Johan had not been in touch with Jean Pierre for 3 days and 3 nights. But he kept believing in Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

As soon as Jean Pierre was able to, he reached out to Johan, told him the entire story and Johan was happy that Igiraneza was taking care of the children. For anyone reading this, the message is a follows: know the voice of the Holy Spirit and obey Him!

On 7 November it was party time in Agape Family. The children started to collect the harvest.

On 9 November the harvest was made known: 4,000kgs of beans and 3,500kgs of potatoes. And all this only came from the ground by the school! Johan and Jean Pierre decided that Agape Family would continue to eat 140kgs of potatoes and 140kgs of beans every other day. Now the children could eat home grown potatoes instead of bought rice. Potatoes are more nourishing than rice. Hallelujah! Praise be to our Heavenly Father “Yahuah” for this abundant harvest!

On 10 November Jean Pierre and two children went to bring food to the 4 older neighbors in prison. Without someone bringing them food, people in prison only get something to eat once every 2 days. Jean Pierre reported that they looked very bad and malnourished. They were facing a prison sentence of 5 years.

On 11 November the seed salesmen and diverse pastors started to attack Jean Pierre. They were telling him how he was doing a bad job, how he would not be able to keep the children alive and that he was using his God-given talents the wrong way. The seed salesmen were angry because, according to them, Agape family getting them into trouble.

On 12 November Jean Pierre had to come to the police station again. The seed salesmen were complaining which led to extra problems with the police for Jean-Pierre. The seed salesmen were the ones who had offered Agape Family credit and now they needed money. However they had already been in financial trouble themselves and they had a big loan with the bank. Johan shared that CFY encountered similar situations many times before.
Johan explained that it is the Holy Spirit who touches the people to give credit. And later on they are angry that they did this. But we see Yahuah’s big hand in all this.

On 13 November Jean Pierre got a message from the police with the notification that on Wednesday 15 November the four elders would be transferred to a big prison.

The Holy Spirit told Isimbi to start praying for the church that still needs to be built according to the will and plan of the Holy Spirit. We were and we are not looking for building a church (Our goal is to give the children a normal life with daily food).

On 14 November the seed salesmen phoned Jean Pierre. They said they did not want 6,796,000 rwf, but only 4,500,000 rwf before 21 November. So Johan again received his confirmation that all is planned out and that all works for the good.

Johan explains that these indeed were tough times for Agape Family. It was tough on Jean Pierre. He was thrown into prison unjustly, accused unfairly and interrogated by the police. But again we saw Yahuah’s hand press on the seed salesmen so that we were allowed to receive extra blessings. These were financial blessings!

Johan indicates the message is and always will be: be faithful. Be patient. Live by faith and not by sight.

Please keep an eye out for these updates. Because there will be more wonders and testimonies. CFY, Agape Family and Shalom Family are on this earth to reveal the glory, the power and the wonders of Yahuah/God, Yeshua/the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Who has ears to hear let them hear. Hallelujah!

Keep sharing our info or start doing so today; it really works and you will experience more happiness in your life.
Pray and ask what you can do for CFY

ASN BANK The Netherlands
NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Children in Rwanda.

Geldig tm 26.11

Johannes R.S.
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385
Children in Rwanda.

Calling from Yahuah Norway
830 486 402



Be blessed to be a Blessing for many poor children in Yeshua’s mighty Name, Amen!!!
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