Dear friend/brother or sister of CFY,

It took a while, but here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE
update on the distribution of donations from 15.11 to 17.01

Currently with 3,048 children.

On 15.11
Jean-Pierre again was attacked severely. The police was chasing him because of the complaints of the seed sellers who,
on their turn, were chased by the government. They were in big financial problems and they tried to misuse Agape family by acting like all of their debt
by the bank was the responsibility of Agape family.
The bank was about to close their business and, because of this, they continually complained about Agape family at the police station.

On 16.11
The police had enough of this unrest and they started to blame Agape family as well. Their solution was to lock Jean-Pierre up in prison and to
close Agape family. Problem solved…
In the meanwhile to older neighbors were sent to a big prison, far away from Kigali

On 17.11
The Holy Spirit gave Johan inspiration to send a strong message with warning to the seed sellers. First they got very angry and then they got sad.
But after a while they wanted to bless Agape family with 300kg of free rice if we would pay them the requested amount before 21.11

On 20.11
Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre, which he used to pay part of the outstanding bill at the Seed Sellers.
They asked 50% of the total amount, but at that moment they agreed with receiving much less than that.

On 21.11
The police took Jean-Pierre out of Agape family to guide the payment to the seed sellers in an official way
and the complaint against Jean-Pierre was cancelled.
The seed sellers told Jean-Pierre the whole story about the pressure from the bank because of the big loan they have.
Because of the payment, the day before, they were allowed to again open their shop that had been closed for a period due to lack of payment.
A certain payment had to be made by the seed sellers to the bank before 28.11 in order to prevent permanent closure.

On 22.11
68 children separated themselves from the group in order to pray.
After this prayer time they came back with new tongues and a lot of joy

On 23.11
It turned out that the battle with the children of the old neighbors was not finished yet.
They were angry that their parents used the wood of their partly destroyed house to help agape familie and themselves with firewood.
This, of course, is needed to prepare food.

After 2.5 years of praying and waiting, we finally received a family inheritance on the 24th:
A very big miracle that we can bless Agapé Family with🙏

The following payments were possible with this money:

On 24.11 Johan again sent money to Jean Pierre;  this time to pay the remaining amount of the credit with the Seed Sellers.
Plus a bit of credit at the drugstore.

On 27.11 it was possible to fully pay off the credits at the drugstore and at Jules.
50 packages of sanitary towels were purchased as well.
Now Agape Family is completely credit free; what a miracle from our Heavenly Father Yahuah.

On 01.12 Johan again sent money to Jean Pierre. This time to install electricity in Agape Family.
The 9 buildings, the kitchen and the outdoor area now are equipped with lighting and with 132 sockets.

On 07.12 Johan sent money to Jean Pierre in order to sow the ground with 600 kg of potatoes and 900 kg of beans.

On 08.12 The children of the older neighbors started to attack Jean Pierre with violence and they tried to steal his phone,
but JP escaped from them.
The seed sellers asked JP and Johan forgiveness for their bad attitude against JP and Agape Family. They acted this way out
of fear of the bank and of the Government.
They gave JP 60 kg of beans and 80 kg of potatoes free of charge.

On 08.12 JP introduced a new scheme for whole Agape Family:

06.00 until 08.30 Reading Bible plus Prayer Time.
08.30 until 12.00 All the teams start their activity
12.00 until 13.00 Playing hour for the children
13.00 until 15.00 Preparation time for cooking and feeding the cows again.

Every other day they cook 140kg of beans and 140kg of potatoes, which subsequently is divided over 3048 children.
This means that each child gets 46gr of beans and 46gr of potatoes once in two days.
On the days that they do not eat, 120 children get English lesson during preparation time.

15.00 until 21.00 Cooking Time
21.00 until 23.00 prayer Time and sleeping.

On 09.12 JP and many older children were cutting trees and they prepared the trees as firewood.

On 12.12 the police came to pick up JP and to lock him in prison because of all the problems and complaints from
the evil children of the neighbors.
JP was isolated in prison without food and without the opportunity to refresh himself, because they wanted to prevent him from preaching about Yeshua.
The evil children wanted money from Agape Family, because their parents gave Agape Family 212 trees in order to use them as firewood.
This was very strange because Agape Family also fed those children in their times of need. However they completely changed
and they started to be evil.
The older people ate with and they stayed in Agape Family for 38 days because of their destroyed house.
Without the help of JP they already would have been dead because of a lack of food.
The Police forced JP to solve this problem, otherwise JP faced prison.

On 14.12 the police released JP to go home and to contact Johan, so they would be able to discuss and to fix this issue.
The same day all the neighbors (26 children of the older people), 4 police officers and JP came to an agreement to pay an amount
to compensate for the used wood.
One part had to be paid before 21.12 and the rest before 31.12, all was written and JP was released from prison. The older neighbors
were set free as well.

On 18.12 201 children with ages from 15 until 24 years old were very busy collecting the harvest from
grounds 15 and 11.

On 22.12 JP received an gift from Johan, so he was able to buy 167 pieces of soap and 115 packages of pads.

On 24.12 the harvest from ground 15 was a follows:
1842 kg of Beans
2168 kg of Potatoes

Harvest from ground 11:
2360 kg of Beans
1320 kg of Potatoes

On 28.12 JP received an gift from Johan with which he could pay off the remaining debt to the children of the neighbors.

He was able to buy seeds in order to cultivate food for the 3048 children as well:
650 kg of Potatoes
230 kg of Beans
20 kg of Beans for free + free transport.

On 30.12 98 children between 19 and 24 years old were helping JP with the seeding of ground 15

On 02.01, with the help of 184 children (from 17 until 24 years), new harvest was collected from grounds 15 and 11
4600 kg of Beans
4940 kg of Potatoes

On 03.01 JP updated Johan on cow Naomi who was 10 months pregnant.

On 07.01 Jp told Johan that the older neighbors were released from prison and that they now were reconstruction their
damaged house together with their children because the government told them to do so.

JP, together with 73 children, was cutting trees and they processed them into firewood.

On 08.01 JP and Johan prayed over and prepaired a new plan to bring more harvest into Agape Family and to bring it in more frequently.
The government still is checking all the grounds. If they are not seeded, then pressure is applied and eventually expropriation will follow if the
situation does not change.

At this moment there are some empty spots on our grounds.
-On ground 15 the empty spot is 1500m x 2000m
-On ground 11 the empty spot is 800m x 1000m

On 09.01 Johan sent a gift to JP to buy the following seeds:
1600 kg Beans
1250 kg Potatoes
420 kg Cassava
Johan prayed for free seeds and our Heavenly Yahuah answered this prayer above expectation by opening the hearts
of the seed sellers.
Free gifts: 100 kg Potatoes + 80 kg of Beans + free transport.

JP and 73 very strong boys brought wood into Agape family.

On 10.01 Agape Family started to sow all the potatoes and beans. The sowing team consisted of 182 children
with ages from 18 until 24 years old.

On 12.01 new harvest was brought into the buildings of Agape Family;
2900 kg Potatoes + 3200 kg Beans with 241 children ( 16 until 24).

On 14.01 296 children, with ages of 17 until 24, again were sowing the grounds.


On 15.11 Johan sent a gift to Joseph with which he bought the monthly groceries for Shalom Family.

100 kg Rice
100 kg Corn
20  kg Beans
1.5 liters of oil

On 12.12 Johan sent another gift to Joseph for the groceries that last 4 weeks.
The groceries were:

100 kg Rice
100 kg Maize
20 kg Beans
1.5 liter of oil

Many things are happening in Shalom Family as well. Joseph and some children visit prisons under the
guidance of the Holy Spirit and during their last trip 20 men accepted Yeshua as their King and as the savior of their life.
Since 2017 we have been praying that all children will be a Blessing for their villages and cities and now we see that fruit growing.

We now are praying that the Harvest will not be distroyed because of the heavy rain. Are you praying with us?
Last week there was an attack of 5 thieves who tried to steal the harvest of beans.
But the Holy Spirit woke Shalom Family and all 200 children went outside, so the thieves run away.
All Glory for our Heavenly Father, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit only.

On 08.01 Joseph and some older children harvested 150 kg beans from their own ground.
That is a big blessing after many destroyed harvests.

On 09.01 Joseph and 20 children (from 6 year until 15 years old) went to the hospital to give some people food, because in the hospital people are not
being fed
10 people ( 4 men and 6 women ) surrendered their life to Yeshua.

On 12.01 Johan sent the monthly gift for Shalom Family to Joseph.
This gift was used to:
-Pay off the last part of the old credit.
-buy 100 kg Rice
-buy 200 kg Potatoes
-buy salt,
-buy 1,5 litre oil
-pay the busticket

The family received a free gift of 5 bars of soap from the shop owner.

This was the Extensive update for those who care about us and about the children😘


Keep sharing our info;  it really works💪🔥💪

What gifts and talents do you want to use for CFY?

You too can contribute to creating a better life for these children.

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Children in Rwanda.

Johannes R.S.
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385
Barn i Rwanda 🇷🇼

Calling From Yahuah Norway
830 486 402


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