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Again it took a while. During the past months a lot has happened in the lives of Johan and Naomi, who are now in the Netherlands. The Spiritual battle was intense, but He is with them! Praise the Lord! Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 March 2024 to 31 March 2024.



Currently with 200 children.

Only the will of the Holy Spirit

On 01.03 Joseph made a request for sweet seed potatoes, Irish seed potatoes and cassava. He asked Johan for 1,000 kg of sweet seed potatoes and 500 kg of Irish seed potatoes. Johan prayed to our Heavenly Father Yahuah for His will regarding Joseph’s request. The seeds were meant for 4 pieces of land: 2 pieces in the valley and 2 pieces on the mountain.


On 05.03, after 4 days of waiting, the Holy Spirit spoke to Johan about this matter. Joseph would not get the 1,000 kg of sweet seed potatoes and the 500 kg of Irish seed potatoes, but he would get 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes.


Upon ordering the sweet seed potatoes another miracle happened. They first had been 400 RWF per kg. This was lowered to 300 RWF per kg and eventually Shalom Family got them for 250 RWF per kg! HalleluYah! Thank You Father!

This is another beautiful example of how Calling from Yahuah operates under the guidance of the Holy Spirit: first we pray, then we wait for answers and subsequently we take action. With blessings as a result!


The devil’s plan failed again!

On 05.03 Johan sent a gift for 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes.


On 06.03 the sweet seed potatoes were brought to Shalom Family for free around 6-7AM. Thank You Father! In this way, the town leaders again were shamed by our Almighty Creator of heaven and earth. He intervenes and He is never late! The town leaders again had told Shalom Family that they would never be able to pay for 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes in time. They also said that the pieces of land would be taken away from them and that they were merely a bunch of tramps. Here the devil is applying the same tactics as he does in Agape Family, where they are told this as well time and time again. But the Almighty is on our side! HalleluYah! And He is always faithful!

Details on the seeding process!

That same day Joseph made 4 teams each consisting of 30 children, so 120 children all together. 2 teams brought the sweet seed potatoes from the house to the grounds and 2 teams were continuously sowing to get the 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes into the soil. Emmanuel, a boy Johan knows, had been protecting the grounds together with 29 other children when this all was taking place. Johan explained that these children are not scared and that they literally stand around the grounds. They know that, if they do not protect the land, they have nothing to eat anymore and they will die. At that moment the village leaders wanted to start sowing the ground and, with this action, these children stopped that!


On 07.03, after two days of sowing, the 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes had all been put into the ground. What a task! It almost is unimaginable how hard this must have been for the children: 1,500 kg of sweet seed potatoes that had to be carried to the grounds by a total of 60 children. This comes down to 25 kg per child. Johan had asked Joseph for more information and he told him that the distance to the grounds is about 5-6 km. The children did not use the main road. The little ones even took a further shortcut which gave them a shorter route while the older children could keep an eye on them. They then take about an hour to reach the grounds. They are walking so fast! Joseph explained that the children, just as it is written in the Bible, get what they can carry (1 Cor 10:13). The older children received 30 kg and the smallest children 10 kg.


And do not forget about all the children who put the sweet seed potatoes into the ground. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for all the strength He has given the children!

Conversation between Johan and Joseph, leader of Shalom Family, on 22 April 2024, whilst Johan and I were working on the March updates. 

Blessings in milk

On 10.03 the seller of the cows came by again. This man keeps wanting to present Shalom Family with a cow and a calf (see below), but the Holy Spirit told Johan: “not yet”.


This man came by with 30 litres of milk which he gave to the family for free. During the last few months he has blessed them in this way multiple times. HalleluYah!

The cow and the calf that the cow seller tries to sell to Shalom Family. Aren’t they cute?! The Holy Spirit told Johan “not yet” and this has already led to a lot of free milk during the last few months! His plan is always good! HalleluYah! 

Spiritual lesson: continued attacks and negativity from the village leaders

It had taken until 12.03 before all the attacks and negativity from the village leaders had stopped. So this had kept on going for almost a week! Let’s learn a Spiritual lesson from this (Ephesians 6)!


The price for the cows dropped! Praise the Holy Spirit!

On 14.03 again an offer was made by the seller of the cows. The total amount had been 600,000 RWF and the price had now been lowered to 450,000 RWF. With this example again the managing of Shalom Family, under guidance of the Holy Spirit, can be seen so beautifully: Joseph asked Johan what to do with the cows, Johan prayed to our Heavenly Father Yahuah and he waited for an answer from the Holy Spirit. He told Johan to wait with the cows, Johan and Joseph obeyed and now the price is going down. HalleluYah! Praise the Holy Spirit!


Joseph is told to go to the hospital by the Holy Spirit

On 17.03 the Holy Spirit spoke to Joseph at 4 in the morning. He said: “Prepare food and go to the hospital.” For in Rwanda you do not get food when you are either in the hospital or in prison. So you literally die when you do not have any family who provides you with something to eat or drink. You must be lucky to get a nurse or someone who wants to give you water. And if they give you something, it only is every few days. For you are a burden for the entire system. Joseph and the children now only eat every other day but, in obedience, they went to the hospital with the little amount of food they had. Over there people gave their lives to Yeshua, HalleluYah! Praise the Holy Spirit!


Further lowering of the price for the cows and more free milk!

On 19.03 the amount for the cows was lowered from 450,000 RWF to 400,000 RWF! That same day also a woman and a doctor gave their lives to Yeshua!


On 22.03 Joseph and the children again received free milk. This time the wife of the owner of the cows came over and she brought them the milk.


Pregnant woman stays alive after prayer

On 24.03 the Holy Spirit again told Joseph to go to the hospital. Over there the heart of a pregnant woman stopped. Joseph had to pray for her. After a lot of Spiritual opposition of the hospital personnel Joseph eventually was granted permission to do his prayer. The baby died, but the woman stayed alive!


Miracle after obedience to the Holy Spirit by multiple people

On 25.03 the Holy Spirit instructed Johan to share his testimony with Joseph and he did this.

Johan’s testimony about his path to faith when he cried out to Yahuah/God in 2006 and experienced divine intervention from our Heavenly Father

However it did not happen without a hitch. The next testimony arose through the following steps:

–          Johan tried to send the YouTube video to Joseph;

–          In Rwanda everyone has free internet to use Facebook messenger. Because Joseph is allowed to borrow a neighbour’s phone with a little bit of data, he can use WhatsApp for his communication with Johan. However he cannot download YouTube videos;

–          Johan asked Bas, our website designer of BD Studio (bdstudio.nl), to download the video;

–          Bas downloaded the video and he sent it to Johan within 24 hours;

–          Johan sent the video to Joseph;

–          Joseph went for a trip when the Holy Spirit instructed him to do so.


And now you will read about the miracle that happened as a result.


After Joseph had received the video from Johan, he was watching this whilst travelling by bus.  A woman, who was sitting next to him, listened and she was touched by the Holy Spirit in that moment. She indicated that she only wanted to trust Yahuah. Joseph immediately sent this information to Johan via WhatsApp (see pictures). The Holy Spirit told Johan that she had to give her life to Yeshua in that moment. He told Joseph. Joseph asked Johan to pray for her. He did this and after the prayer she said yes to Yeshua. HalleluYah!


Again the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit, of the Almighty God! Johan had been obedient by his try to send the message. Bas had been obedient by downloading the video, something Johan had not been able to do, and by sending it to Johan.


Johan had been obedient by sending the video to Joseph who had been obedient by going on a trip when he was told to do so. Eventually this led to another soul who gave her life to Yeshua! Oh how good is our Heavenly Father Yahuah!!

Conversation between Johan and Joseph, leader of Shalom Family, via WhatsApp on 24 March 2024.         

Monthly gift for Shalom Family

On 27.03 it again was time for the monthly gift. Johan sent money to Joseph so he could buy food. He bought:

–          193 kg of Irish potatoes

–          100 kg of rice

–          Salt

–          Bus ticket

Shalom Family was blessed with free goods from the owners of the store who had also given their lives to Yeshua. They received 5 pieces of soap and the price of the Irish potatoes was lowered for them from 600 RWF to 500 RWF per kg! HalleluYah!


More details as instructed by the Holy Spirit

As you may have noticed, this update was completely different from previous editions. Before Johan did not have to mention certain details. However now the Holy Spirit instructed him to share more daily activities from Agape Family and Shalom Family. And, as you have read, Johan obeysThe Holy Spirit is always good! His plan is perfect! We are curious to see what will come from this and we believe that it will be something amazing!

What can you do for the children? 

Thank you for all your prayers and your blessings for CFY! Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY. He will bless you abundantly for it for His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. These are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah



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