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Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 May 2024 to 30 May 2024.



Currently with 200 children.

Special prayer for Johan

On 03.05 Johan had sent a voiceclip to Joseph. After Joseph heard the voiceclip the Holy Spirit told him to pray for Johan specifically. Johan didn’t know the details, but reported that Joseph prayed at 1AM after Johan’s voiceclip. So something is going on…


Another hospital visit

On 12.05 Joseph and 20 children (aged 12 to 16) went to the hospital again. Whenever they’re there they tell people about Yeshua and provide people with food from the little amount they have. Can you imagine sparing food out of your own mouth to feed someone else? In Rwanda, when people are either in the hospital or in prison, they don’t get any food. People are reliant on family and friends and if they don’t have any… they die. And if someone in the hospital or prison does have the heart to give you something to drink, it will only be every few days… So Joseph and the children are literally saving lives by both telling people about Yeshua and providing the people with food. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for how He uses them! What can you do for the orphans, widows, poor and oppressed? For that’s where His heart is. Perhaps something to think/pray about.


Miracles with the kitchen!

As reported in the update of April 2024, the Shalom Family kitchen got damaged due to storms. Johan told me earlier that it could be very easy to send Joseph money for rebuilding the kitchen, but of course the Holy Spirit needed to give a go for this. Johan had to send Joseph back to Yahuah, since He was going to do the miracle.

So then what to do with the damaged kitchen?


On 14.05 Shalom Family started building a dam with stones around the house to protect it against water.


On 15.05 leaders of the village threatened to take Joseph to prison. This was all because of the damaged kitchen. Of course Joseph and the children would not give up. They started to make stones and bricks from mud and special material they use to close down houses and roof coverings. Since Joseph did not know how to call it in english, he provided Johan with the name in Kinyarwanda. Here you’ll receive your first Kinyarwanda lesson: amategura (also see screenshot below).

Conversation between Johan and Joseph in May 2024. Joseph teaches Johan the word amategura in KinyaRwanda, which is used as roofing together with stones and bricks to fix the Shalom Family kitchen. 

Later on, when the leaders saw all the work Joseph and the children had been doing, they became speechless. One of the leaders came to check later on. Joseph had told him everything he and the children had been doing and he invited him to join in prayer so he could see Yahuah at work. How wonderful would it be if that man’s eyes were opened. And even bigger than that: if he sees the goodness of our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah, the entire village would see it too! Think of the impact that would have!! Then we would have a story like the village Almolonga in Guatemala: huge miracles happened after the entire village changed and more than 90% of the population now consists of born-again Christians. Our Heavenly Father Yahuah even provided them with giant vegetables and turned the village from poverty to prosperity… well we know He can do anything!


On 21.05 they started pressing Joseph again and this time they indeed took him to prison… They had contacted the police and brought Joseph to them. However,  of course our Almighty God Yahuah is in control. After explanation of what had happened the commander of the police station set Joseph free!!! And guess what: he said it was because of all the trips he and the children are making to the hospital and to the prison! So here we see: humbling ourselves and doing what is right will ALWAYS be rewarded by our Heavenly Father Yahuah! Praise Him! HalleluYah!!

And it gets even better than this.


On 23. 05 in the morning someone showed up at Shalom Family. Can you guess who? It was the police commander in his normal clothing with… a bag of 50 kg cement to fix the kitchen!!! Praise the Almighty!! Wow!!! The police commander!


Do you see what happened here? If Johan had sent money immediately, this would not have happened! This soul, and I don’t know how many more at the police station, would not have been touched. Thát is our Heavenly Father Yahuah! So no matter what we’re going through, keep in mind that His plan is always good and He is always with us! Food or no food, clothing or no clothing, kitchen or no kitchen. Emmanuel, the boy who had guarded the grounds together with other children in the March update, prayed for the commander together with the children.


On 24.05, so one day later, Johan received information from Joseph that they needed 6 bags of cement to fix the kitchen. And now it was the time to send money and the Holy Spirit gave Johan a go to send money for 6 bags of cement. It was also the time to send the monthly gift for the food, so that amount was included as well. Here again we see the wonderful works of our Heavenly Father Yahuah! He does help. Not always the way we expect or the way we want it to be, but He is always good! And what a miracle He performed!


The police commander, in his private clothing, who came to help!!! Wow!!! Released from prison!!! Wow!!! Now everyone at the police station knows who Joseph and the children are. This is our Almighty Heavenly Father at work! How great is He! And now it was time to send money and the Holy Spirit gave Johan a go to send money for 6 bags of cement. Wihtout this test, this testimony would not have been there. See how our Heavenly Father Yahuah works? It’s not always easy, but He is always good. And He cares about souls. So also the soul of this police officer who got this beautiful prayer from the children. HalleluYah!


From the food gift, Joseph bought:

–          155 kg of sweet potatoes

–          100 kg of rice

–          20 kg of beans

–          Salt

–          Bus ticket


Shalom Family was blessed again via the shop owner! This time they received free bars of soap and 2L of cooking oil. Thank You Father!


On 26.05, 2 days after the gift was sent, Joseph had told Johan that they had started rebuilding the kitchen. HalleluYah!


On 27.05 more miracles happened. 2 people had offered to help fixing the kitchen. That day they were busy helping Joseph and 24 children with the construction. Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of the day 2 extra helpers showed up! HalleluYah! How did that happen? Our Almighty God again! He is good!!! ALL THE TIME!


On 30.05 some village leaders showed up again and guess what: they were very very ashamed. But the beauty of it all is this: Johan noted in his book “thank You Yeshua” and “they are now more open for Yeshua”. How amazing is this! It’s not about laughing at people being ashamed. No, this is about eternity. Eternal damnation or eternal life with our Father in heaven. What do you prefer? Cause there is eternity and that is a fact. But what road do you choose? How wonderful would it be if this testimony would lead to one or more of the village leaders accepting Yeshua as their Savior and Redeemer and being saved from hell? Johan told me that , whenever one soul accepts Yeshua and says yes to Him, there is a huge party in heaven!!


And also, our Heavenly Father Yahuah is the judge. We don’t have to tell people they have to be ashamed of themselves. We don’t have to humiliate them. The Father does that. We only have to act the way He wants us to. How beautiful is that? Not always easy… oh no… but always good :). 

Joseph had shared with Johan that the leaders don’t understand how our God works. One of the workers had told them that, if they have wisdom, they have to kneel before Yahuah (also see screenshot below). Such wise words! Also all 4 men, who helped rebuild the kitchen, had told Joseph that they would come again on Friday 03.06. So they could stand together in praising time! How wonderful!

Conversations between Johan and Joseph over WhatsApp Messenger in June 2024. Joseph tells Johan how our Heavenly Father Yahuah sent 2 extra helpers for fixing the damaged kitchen of Shalom Family! He also shares how the village leaders were very ashamed upon seeing everything. They saw them working with all materials provided and became speechless! One wise man had also told the leaders that if they have wisdom they have to kneel down for our Heavenly Father Yahuah. HalleluYah!

Our Heavenly Father Yahuah works with puzzle pieces

We hope this update provided you with much joy about the wonderful works of our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah, our King and Savior Yeshua and the wonderful Holy Spirit. That it might set your heart on fire for Them and for the children. And of course may you take the spiritual lessons, provided within the testimony, with you as well.


If you want to know the ways of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: start keeping your own diary as well, just like Johan. It’s true, Johan writes down EVERYTHING. In 2015 the Holy Spirit taught him to do so through the diaries of George Müller. This man of God built 4 orphanages and took care of thousands of street children, without asking anyone for money. In that way, you are going to see the puzzle pieces the Father provides you with and how they all fit together. Since that’s how He works. Throughout the entire Bible there are puzzle pieces everywhere. He could have written a single chapter dedicated to His heart being with the orphans, widows, poor and oppressed, but He did not do that. He provided puzzle pieces throughout the entire Bible. Isn’t that wonderful and exciting! So pray, keep your eyes open, write down and pray some more.


You’ll get to know Him and see His wonderful ways at work in your life! And for His Honor and Glory you’ll have your testimony written down at the same time. That’s how these updates are possible. By Johan being faithful in writing down everything he hears from Jean Pierre and Joseph.  And our Heavenly Father knows exactly what you do, so He will reward you for it as well! And He wants us to track everything, since He enjoys us being happy about every single miracle.


And we are here for His Honor and Glory, not the other way around.

He is the Creator, we are the clay and we are chosen so He can work His wonders through us. How wonderful is that!

What can you do for the children?

Keep praying for us, since it’s such a powerful weapon. And if your heart is touched and you want to do more, think/ask our Heavenly Father Yahuah and contact us.


What talents and gifts do you want to share?


He wants to give everyone a chance to help!


An important prayer point is big harvests so the Family can stock enough food for scarce times.


We are also praying that the beans and potatoes grow at least twice as fast. This will be for all children in Agape Family and Shalom Family, as well as for all the children that are still to enter the families! Because they WILL come! The borders with Burundi and Congo are still closed, and a lot of people in Rwanda are dying because of famine. We are so grateful that our Heavenly Father Yahuah is with the families and that He always protects them. Praise Him for all He does for the families and for the children!! HalleluYah!


Thank you for all your prayers and blessings for CFY!


Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY.


He will bless you abundantly for it because His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. They are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah



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Written by:

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Team Calling from Yahuah



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