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Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 May 2024 to 30 May 2024.



Currently with 3,048 children.

Spiritual pressure from the government

The mountain which Yeshua had spoken about to the resurrected children whilst they had been asleep (see also the updates of April 2024 for Agape Family) was now rented by Agape Family for the second year. In April we shared that Agape Family started sowing on the mountain as well. How wonderful! Of course satan again tried to attack Agape Family via the government.


On 03.05 Jean Pierre suddenly got a phone call from the government to go and sow more into the mountain grounds without waiting. Isn’t that strange? All of a sudden they started pushing for sowing more. Whereas before, when they weren’t sowing on the mountain at all, they didn’t get such a message whatsoever. Hmm! They are just trying to give Agape Family a hard time. Luckily we know that our Heavenly Father Yahuah is always with Agape Family and that He will only use this to bless them.


Johan prayed to the Father what to do about this and whether we should honor their request or not. For we know nothing and we need the Holy Spirit’s council in this. It’s a spiritual battle. So after the prayer, Johan waited for an answer from the Holy Spirit.


Harvest and sowing for grounds 11 and 15

On 04.05 Agape Family harvested again and they took home 10,360 kg of potatoes and 6,970 kg of beans. HalleluYah! Thank you Heavenly Father for this lovely harvest!


On 05.05 Johan and Jean Pierre made a new plan for grounds 11 and 15. For both grounds they came up with 2,780 kg of seed potatoes and 1,630 kg of bean seeds. Agape Family is daily checked by 8 government officials who even put their hands into the grounds to see if they are seeded… This day 6 men from the government showed up.

Jean Pierre was able to buy all of the planned seed potatoes and bean seeds. Agape Family was also blessed with a piece of credit and 170 kg of bean seeds plus 120 kg of seed potatoes for free! Thank you Heavenly Father! Sowing was done with 285 children. As can be seen in the update of March 2024, sowing can take up to many days (one time it was 5 days of sowing!)


More food for the children!

Wonderful news! The children now get more food! For about 9 months they have been eating only every other day. Can you imagine? First they got 46 grams of rice and 46 grams of beans. Later this turned into 46 grams of potatoes and 46 grams of beans. In March the children got more food since they were doing such heavy duty work with sowing and harvesting. About every week there was new harvest. They got 62.3 grams of potatoes and 42.6 grams of beans since potatoes are more nutritious (also see Naomi’s Facebook group “Medical Medium lifestyle” – link provided at the bottom of this update). And now the Holy Spirit gave a go for a further upgrade to 70 (!) grams of potatoes and 50 grams of beans! HalleluYah!


On 12.05 Jean Pierre reported to Johan how happy the children are that they now have enough food to eat (see screenshot below). We are so grateful for the amazing care of our Heavenly Father Yahuah! He allows things to happen to us and He shapes our character. However He never gives us more than we can bear (1 Cor 10:13). He has given the children so much strength during those 9 months and now He provides them with more food. Thank You Father! 

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre via Facebook Messenger on 12.05. Jean Pierre shares with Johan how happy the children are that they now have enough food to eat. HalleluYah! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!

Jean Pierre’s life is saved again by our Heavenly Father Yahuah

On 07.05 Jean Pierre was in Kigali, since Johan had ordered him to go and send photos and videos to Johan for CFY. At that time heavy rain and floods hit the city and Jean Pierre had to run for his life (see screenshot below). It was a true miracle that he survived and not only that… also his phone was kept safe!!! To fully describe the picture: a lot of people died that day. This was very serious! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for saving his life AGAIN!

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre via Facebook Messenger on 10.05. Jean Pierre shares how he had to run for his life the last time he was in the city due to heavy rain and floods. Many people died that day because of the floods. Thank You Father for saving Jean Pierre’s life! 

That night Jean Pierre was even provided a place to sleep since he wanted to stay in the city to finish sending the photos and videos. For Jean Pierre the city so far is the only place where he has WiFi and it can take him between 1 and 2 hours to get there. Friends of the police offered him a place to sleep in their security office (see screenshot below). Another miracle! All Glory to our Heavenly Father! HalleluYah!

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre via Facebook Messenger on 08.05. Jean Pierre shares with Johan how he was provided a place to sleep in the city by friends of the police when he wanted to stay there to finish sending photos and videos to Johan (since it’s a 1-2 hour walk back home to Agape Family). What a miracle! Thank You Father! 

Harvesting and delayed sowing

On 12.05 Agape Family brought home a huge harvest of 18,560 kg of potatoes and 12,470 kg of beans! HalleluYah! On 04.05 it was 10,360 kg of potatoes and 6,970 kg of beans. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for this huge increase! This is an answer to our prayers!


As usual, Johan and Jean Pierre made a new plan for buying and sowing. This time they came up with 2,910 kg of seed potatoes and 2,100 kg of beans. As stated before, Johan prays and only provides Jean Pierre with a gift when he gets a go from the Holy Spirit. CFY is His and He knows best. This time Johan was allowed to send the gift 2 days later, on 14.05.


Do you see how the late sending of the money is also a training in faith for Agape Family (and hopefully a big boost in faith for you!)? The Rwandan government usually confiscates the grounds when sowing doesn’t occur immediately. So our Heavenly Father Yahuah is continually showing His power, might and strength through actions such as allowing money to be sent 2 days later. So many neighbors have lost their grounds and in fact died. However Agape Family still has their grounds and not only that; they have HUGE HARVESTS! And they are usually checked by 8 government officials daily. How is this possible?! Thát is the power of the Almighty! He is with them!


On 14.05 Jean Pierre went off to buy the seed potatoes and bean seeds. He received 200 kg of bean seeds for free as well as 160 kg of seed potatoes! Thank You Father for answering our prayers for free seeds!

On 16.05 Jean Pierre started seeding and chopping wood with 588 children. They finished at 1AM.


Prison for 2 more people after threatening to kill Jean Pierre

2 people were threatening to kill Jean Pierre and the children (also see screenshot below). Jean Pierre reported to Johan that they were jealous of the harvest. The police had overheard the attackers and they put them into prison. Our Heavenly Father Yahuah is the judge and He shows it time and time again. We only need to be still (Ex. 14:14). He fights for us!

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre over Facebook Messenger. Jean Pierre shares how 2 people are now in prison after telling Jean Pierre how they wanted to kill him and the children. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!

Our Heavenly Father Yahuah quadrupled the bean harvest!

On 19.05 a lot of miracles happened. We, as team CFY, are praying for an increased harvest for Agape Family before we start our meals. So the children can have more food on the table. 

The prayer answer was 19,670 kg of potatoes, 14,700 kg of beans and 3,100 kg of cassava!!! HalleluYah! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah! As a reminder, see the chart below with the increase in harvest from 24.03 onwards. Do you see what this means? Our Heavenly Father Yahuah, God Almighty Himself, quadrupled the bean harvest!!! HalleluYah! Only He can do that!

Doubling of the potato harvest and tripling of the bean harvest between 24.03 and 22.04 by our Heavenly Father Yahuah for Agape Family in Rwanda. 

Then another miracle happened.


The police paid for transport of the harvest!!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly. The same day the police paid for transport of the harvest!! How huge is that!?


Before the police was set up by satan to make Agape Family miserable. However now they provide Agape Family with daily security. Also in April they suddenly arranged 4 buses to pick up Jean Pierre and the 201 children after sowing and sleeping on the mountain grounds for many days. In addition to that now they paid for transporting the harvest. As stated in the screenshot above, this definitely is their season of blessings! And they’ve been through so much. From the death of 1,006 children in the beginning of 2023, to losing over 300 children mid 2023. Also about 9 months of eating only every other day. But now this is happening! Wow wow wow! Without tests no testimony! HalleluYah! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for all these blessings! Stay faithful and you will get your reward!!


Johan and Jean Pierre came up with a new plan for buying and sowing 2,300 kg of seed potatoes and 1,480 kg of bean seeds. As usual, Johan prayed to the Father about His will. We, as humans, can come up with a plan but since His ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9) we don’t know if our plans are also His plans. And after prayer, Johan waited for an answer.

Another 4 people put into prison

On 20.05 neighbors of Agape Family were arrested. A total of 4 persons were put into prison and 6 grounds had been confiscated by the government. As stated before, in Rwanda the government takes the grounds when people haven’t sown straight after harvesting. That day Jean Pierre was protecting the grounds with 230 child warriors so the government could not take the grounds away from Agape Family.


Child warriors? What would that look like? I asked Johan about this and he explained that they are the oldest children (16-25 years old). They are the ones who cut the trees as well. Think about it, being about 16 to 25 years old, cutting trees and living the life they live in Agape Family. They are strong! And trained. They are true soldiers, working for the Almighty and in His protection. So absolutely nothing can happen to them when they are fearless and they know it. Fear is not from Yahuah. So when they are without fear, He is behind them and the government can do nothing. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for their lives, His protection over them and how He uses them to protect Agape Family! HalleluYah!


Prayers answered regarding the government

On 22.05 the government had stated that they would bring their own materials to start sowing for themselves on the Agape Family grounds after 3PM. We declared that, that would never happen in Yeshua’s Mighty Name and it never happened! HalleluYah! All Glory to our Lord and Savior Yeshua.


Seeding and SLEEPING on the grounds!

On 22.05 Johan provided Jean Pierre with a gift and he bought 2,000 kg of seed potatoes and 1,500 kg of bean seeds. Again they received 140 kg of seed potatoes and 120 kg of bean seeds for free! Thank You Heavenly Father!!


Until 26.05, so for 5(!) days, Jean Pierre and 479 children had been sowing the grounds and sleeping on the grounds as well! Think of all the work they’re putting in to stay alive. Praise our Heavenly Father for keeping them safe and for all the strength He is giving them! HalleluYah!


Ever wondered why our Heavenly Father Yahuah lets the children go through so much? To be honest, I struggled with these thoughts myself. Haven’t we heard somewhere that if He would be a good God, nothing would happen to the children. Or that He would just give them plenty of food every day? For one, He IS a good God. In fact, as Yeshua said Himself: “No one is good but One, that is, God.”

He allows things to happen to us. Not necessarily His plan, but He uses it to shape us and to form our character so we might learn from it. From the Bible and many visions and messages people have received, we know that very tough times are coming. We are praying to be ready. How can we be ready and trained as the warriors and soldiers we need to be if nothing ever happens to us? The children are being trained by our Heavenly Father. As stated before, He knows how much we can bear (1 Cor 10:13) and He is a loving Father. We only have to be humble and be willing to be obedient. And He blesses us in return. It might not always be fun, it might not always be easy, but He is always good. Food or no food, clothes or no clothes. And His ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). With everything the children are going through, the Father also gives you and me the chance to help and to stock up treasure in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt. 6:19-21). What does it do for us if we have another set of clothes when we already have enough, if we have a second car or if we go on holiday? Our Heavenly Father provides us with everything we need. And let’s not forget how He saved all these children from the streets. Without Him they would have died a long long time ago… and don’t you see the amazing miracle He is performing. Eating such little amounts every other day for about 9 months. And still the children have the strength to sow for 5 days straight and to sleep on the grounds!? That’s humanly impossible!!! Luckily we serve the Almighty God Yahuah, Creator of heaven and earth!! And He takes care of them! He is their Shepherd (Psalm 23)!!! Okay, just some of my (Carina) thoughts.

7 people put into prison: they keep coming!

On 24.05 7 bad people had been put into prison. They had tried to enter Agape Family and were very jealous of the grounds and the harvest. A lot of people in Rwanda have lost their grounds to the government because they hadn’t sown straight after harvesting. Besides that our Heavenly Father Yahuah answered our prayers and provided Agape Family with a harvest “slightly” larger than usual. In less than a month time He doubled the potato harvest and tripled the bean harvest.

Johan received this information from Jean Pierre on 25.05 (see screenshot below).

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre via Facebook Messenger on 25.05. Jean Pierre shares how the police put 7 people in prison who tried to enter Agape Family and were very jealous of the grounds and the harvest. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for protection via the police! HalleluYah!

Fast harvest!

Jean Pierre and the children used to sow about every week and also take in harvest every week, as you would expect to happen. This time something beautiful happened: harvesting took place two days in a row!! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for the fast growth of the crops! How good is He?! HalleluYah! So:


On 26.05 Jean Pierre and 374 children took in a harvest of 9,604 kg of potatoes and 6,312 kg of beans.

On 27.05 the harvest was 13,260 kg of potatoes and 6,582 kg of beans.


The Holy Spirit installs a new sowing system!

The same day, 27.05, Johan and Jean Pierre made a new plan for 2,300 kg of seed potatoes and 1,450 kg of bean seeds.

In previous updates we reported how the Holy Spirit can use multiple people to get to a certain outcome and this time He again worked in a miraculous way!

The Holy Spirit had instructed Johan to start paying off a big amount of credit and lower the planned amount of seeds. During these last months of intense sowing a lot of credit had been built up with the seed sellers. But how would we start doing this? The government threatened to take lands if they were not sown after harvesting. Of course the Holy Spirit knew what to do and He came up with a new seeding system. He had asked me to look up information about sowing and harvesting in Rwanda and showed me pictures of seeding and the space necessary between the seeds. Johan told me he wanted to know if Jean Pierre could sow with less seeds. The Holy Spirit let me tell him about the idea of sowing seeds with more space between them so we would use less seeds. He, then, let Johan ask Jean Pierre if this was possible and it turned out it was! This way a new sowing system was installed with less seeds. Praise the Holy Spirit! Jean Pierre and the children would still be able to use the full grounds and we could start paying off a big amount of credit. HalleluYah! All Glory to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords Yeshua Hamashiach!


On 28.05 a gift was sent for 2,000 kg of seed potatoes and 1,300 kg of bean seeds. That same day Jean Pierre went to the bank in Kigali to get the gift and buy the seeds. Agape Family received 120 kg of seed potatoes and 100 kg of bean seeds for free. We were able to pay off another piece of credit. HalleluYah! Thank You darling Father!

This time the sowing team consisted of 371 children. Every time Agape Family receives new seeds the sowing team immediately goes to the lands to sow!


Our Heavenly Father Yahuah works with puzzle pieces

We hope this update provided you with much joy about the wonderful works of our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah, our King and Savior Yeshua and the wonderful Holy Spirit. That it might set your heart on fire for Them and for the children. And of course may you take the spiritual lessons, provided within the testimony, with you as well.

And if you want to know the ways of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: start keeping your own diary as well, just like Johan. It’s true, Johan writes down EVERYTHING. In 2015 the Holy Spirit taught him to do so through the diaries of George Müller. This man of God built 4 orphanages and took care of thousands of street children, without asking anyone for money. In that way, you are going to see the puzzle pieces the Father provides you with and how they all fit together. Since that’s how He works. Throughout the entire Bible there are puzzle pieces everywhere. He could have written a single chapter dedicated to His heart being with the orphans, widows, poor and oppressed, but He did not do that. He provided puzzle pieces throughout the entire Bible. Isn’t that wonderful and exciting! So pray, keep your eyes open, write down and pray some more.


You’ll get to know Him and see His wonderful ways at work in your life! And for His Honor and Glory you’ll have your testimony written down at the same time. That’s how these updates are possible. By Johan being faithful in writing down everything he hears from Jean Pierre and Joseph.  And our Heavenly Father knows exactly what you do, so He will reward you for it as well! And He wants us to track everything, since He enjoys us being happy about every single miracle.


And we are here for His Honor and Glory, not the other way around.

He is the Creator, we are the clay and we are chosen so He can work His wonders through us. How wonderful is that!

What can you do for the children?

Keep praying for us, since it’s such a powerful weapon. And if your heart is touched and you want to do more, think/ask our Heavenly Father Yahuah and contact us.


What talents and gifts do you want to share?


He wants to give everyone a chance to help!


An important prayer point is big harvests so the Family can stock enough food for scarce times.


We are also praying that the beans and potatoes grow at least twice as fast. This will be for all children in Agape Family and Shalom Family, as well as for all the children that are still to enter the families! Because they WILL come! The borders with Burundi and Congo are still closed, and a lot of people in Rwanda are dying because of famine. We are so grateful that our Heavenly Father Yahuah is with the families and that He always protects them. Praise Him for all He does for the families and for the children!! HalleluYah!


Thank you for all your prayers and blessings for CFY!


Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY.


He will bless you abundantly for it because His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. They are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah



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Written by:

Carina Meijer

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Team Calling from Yahuah



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June 20, 2024 15:05

Of ik er bemoedigd door wordt? Enorm!!! 🔥❤️🙏 Abba, Vader, is zo goed en punctueel. Ik bid voor elke dag eten voor de kinderen, een matras en dekens, schoenen en kleding, Bijbels en mensen om de kinderen te leren lezen en schrijven. En op een dag zal God dit en zoveel meer bewerkstelligen ❤️🙏

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