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Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 April 2024 to 30 April 2024.



Currently with 200 children.

Miracle in the hospital

On 25.4 Joseph was told by the Holy Spirit to visit the hospital. He went together with 20 children from 14 to 20 years old. They were instructed to share the food they had left with people in the hospital. Over there they prayed for a child who was not able to breathe anymore. After prayer he was completely restored! HalleluYah! Also 10 souls gave their lives to YeshuaPraise Him!!!


Destroyed harvest and damaged kitchen by storms

On 28.4 Johan received the message that the harvest of the beans and the corn was destroyed. There were severe storms in Rwanda and the heavy rain also damaged the kitchen of Shalom Family. This was not the first time their kitchen got damaged by storms. In January 2023 our Heavenly Father Yahuah performed a miracle for their destroyed kitchen. He sent helpers for free and Shalom Family only had to pay for the roof plates. Trees, stones and nails had freely been given by neighbours and by the shop owner. Praise Him! We are praying and believing He will perform another miracle now!


Blessings by our Heavenly Father Yahuah via the shop owner

On 29.4 Johan sent a gift to Shalom Family and, with that money, they bought the following:

–          143 kg of sweet potatoes

–          100 kg of rice

–          20 kg of beans

–          Salt

–          Bus ticket

Again Shalom Family was blessed by the shop owners: they received 5 bars of soap and 1 Liter of cooking oil! Thank You Father!

Prayer points

Please pray with us for a restored kitchen for Shalom Family, even better than the one they had before. They need prayers for a restored harvest as well. Our Heavenly Father Yahuah is Almighty and He can do anything (Matt. 19:26). We know He is with them and we only have to ask, so let us do that! Let us see what miracles He will perform now and what souls can be touched in this way. He is always good and so are His plans!!

Another prayer point is big harvests so they can stock enough food for scarce times. This will be for all children in Agape Family and Shalom Family, as well as for all the children that are still to enter the families! Because they WILL come! The borders with Burundi and Congo are still closed, and a lot of people in Rwanda are dying because of famine. We are so grateful that our Heavenly Father Yahuah is with the families and that He always protects them. Praise Him for all He does for the families and for the children!! HalleluYah!


Thank you for all your prayers and blessings for CFY! Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY. He will bless you abundantly for it for His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. These are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah


The Netherlands:

ASN Bank

J.R.S. Langenberg

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28




DNB Bank

Johannes R.S. Langenberg

Bankkonto 1227 02 29385

Organisation number Norway: 830 486 402


You can choose the description:

–          Children

–          Container

–          Camper



It is also possible to donate via GoFundMe. Please make sure you reduce the provision for GoFundMe to 0%!

–          Link container:



–          Link camper:








Written by:

Carina Meijer

Ambassador (voluntary basis)

Team Calling from Yahuah



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June 8, 2024 09:01

Thank you for the updates and the possibility to give a reaction! I pray for the harvest and the rebuilding of the kitchen every day. How is the situation with the kitchen right now? (June)

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