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Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 April 2024 to 30 April 2024.



Currently with 3,048 children.

Harvesting with 479 children until 11PM!

On 01.04 it was harvesting time again. Jean Pierre and 479 children worked from early in the morning (which could be about 4/5/6AM) to 11PM that night!

Johan, Naomi and myself continuously have been praying for bigger harvests before we start our daily meals and the results, so far, have been great. On 24.03 the harvest included 7,108 kg of potatoes and 3,464 kg of beans. This time Agape Family was blessed with 9,560 kg of potatoes and 5,190 kg of beans!!! HalleluYah!! That is a third of potatoes extra and almost DOUBLE the amount of beans!! How great is He!! We pray and He acts. HalleluYah!


Since the ground was empty, Johan and Jean Pierre again made a plan to fill up the soil with 2,720 kg of seed potatoes and 1,680 kg of bean seeds.


Credit miracle and sowing until 1AM!

On 02.04 Johan sent the gift to Jean Pierre. After transferring the gift, the money is available within 10 minutes. Depending on the weather circumstances, it can take Jean Pierre up to 2 hours to get the money from the bank. When the situation is good, he has to walk for only an hour to get the physical money in his hands.

Because of the new rules of the bank in Rwanda, there again were limits to the amount of money that could be sent. This led to the gift not being sufficient. However, again Agape Family was blessed with extra credit! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!

Also they received 110 kg of seed potatoes and 160 kg of bean seeds for free! Thank You Father!


As soon as they had the seeds, Jean Pierre and 482 children started to sow. They worked from early in the morning until 1AM at night!


Fixed teams for sowing and harvesting

This team of 482 children now is the fixed team for sowing. Jean Pierre also made a fixed team of 387 children for harvesting. Whenever the number of children involved with sowing and harvesting is not mentioned in the updates, these groups of children are involved with these (heavy duty) tasks.


Example of punishment by our Heavenly Father Yahuah

Jean Pierre informed Johan about the fact that an evil ex-leader, who left Agape Family, died in a car crash. This young man had been the most evil and the most violent of all the evil children. So here again we see how our Almighty Father “Yahuah” allows things, but… the blow WILL come!!!

Jean Pierre and Johan do not know the exact day this happened, but it might have been 07.04.

The harvest yield increased AGAIN!

On 07.04 it was harvesting time again. This time Jean Pierre and the children brought in 10,460 kg of potatoes and 7,790 kg of beans. ANOTHER increase of the yield! Agape Family received 900 kg of extra potatoes and 2,600 kg of extra beans from our Heavenly Father Yahuah! Praise Him!! HalleluYah!


That same day Johan and Jean Pierre again made a plan for 2,780 kg of seed potatoes and 1,900 kg of bean seeds.


Our prayers answered regarding free potatoes

On 08.04 Johan sent the gift to Jean Pierre. This time Agape Family, instead of 110 kg, received 170 kg of seed potatoes  for free!! Our prayer for more free seed potatoes was answered here. We prayed for that since seed potatoes are double the price of bean seeds. Again we pray and our Heavenly Father Yahuah acts! HalleluYah!! He is so good!


Another increase in harvest yield

On 13.04 again it was harvesting time. This time Agape Family brought in…(drum roll) 13,400 kg of potatoes and 8,670 kg of beans!!! On 7 April the yield was 10,460 kg of potatoes and 7,790 kg of beans. So this time we almost got 3,000 kg of potatoes and 880 kg of beans extra! Also they could finally bring in cassava, which was 3,200 kg! HalleluYah!! Thank You Father!!!


Johan and Jean Pierre made a new plan. This time they agreed on buying and sowing 2,450 kg of seed potatoes and 1,400 kg of bean seeds.


On 16.04 Johan sent the gift to Jean Pierre. Agape Family was blessed with 180 kg of seed potatoes and 130 kg of bean seeds for free.


HalleluYah! Again a prayer answer: more free seed potatoes and less free bean seeds than last time. Remember that seed potatoes are about twice the price of bean seeds. Thank You darling Father!


Miraculous saving by the Holy Spirit in severe oppression by the government

Before, the Holy Spirit had told Johan to immediately transfer the money the same day the new plan was made. However, this time, Johan was guided not to send it on the 14th, not on the 15th, but on 16 April. Again police and government got involved against Agape Family.


They had given the family until 1PM that day to sow the grounds. If they would not have done that, the grounds would have been taken away. They were very angry at Agape Family for the large harvests.

So here, again, we see the game being played: they are angry for they want to destroy Agape Family and they continuously fail in doing so. Next to that the harvests are only becoming bigger and bigger, for the Almighty is with them! This is the spiritual battle that is continuously going on.


By instructing Johan to send the money 3 days (!) later, the Holy Spirit is showing Jean Pierre and the children even more that He is with them. Even in the last moment! Such a training in faith! Exactly like His Word tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV): “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Oh and how He does that! He is always faithful!! HalleluYah!

On 18.04 Johan told me not to have heard from Jean Pierre in two days. He said it meant that they were continuously harvesting.


Doubled potato harvest and tripled bean harvest!!! HalleluYah!

On 22.04 Agape Family was harvesting again. Curious as to what our Heavenly Father blessed them with this time? Let us see: instead of 10,460 kg of potatoes on 13.04, they now took in 18,430 kg! Wow!!! Instead of 7,790 kg of beans on 13.04, they now harvested 10,662 kg!! And on top of that they also harvested 5,302 kg of cassava instead of 3,200 kg on 13.04. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah!!! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!!!


We had been praying for double yields. The potatoes are almost doubled!!! Wow He is so good!!


To be honest, this is not completely fair to our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah, for He did so much more. In December 2023 Agape Family had started to put less seed potatoes and seeds into the grounds. However from February 2024 onwards they had started to fill the soil with big quantities of seed potatoes and bean seeds (approximately the same amounts as they are sowing now). And see in the graph below how He answered our prayers for increasing and doubling the harvests over the course of less than a month!

Doubling of the potato harvest and tripling of the bean harvest between 24.03 and 22.04 by our Heavenly Father Yahuah for Agape Family in Rwanda.

The harvest on 24.03 had been 7,108 kg of potatoes and 3,464 kg of beans. The yield on 22 April was 18,430 kg of potatoes and 10,662 kg of beans! In less than a month, our Heavenly Father Yahuah had more than doubled the potato harvest and more than tripled the bean harvest! HalleluYah! How great and mighty and powerful and good is He!? Praise Him praise Him praise Him!


And this table also shows the way our Heavenly Father Yahuah always works: He does everything in steps. He can do anything, so He could also have doubled and tripled the harvests immediately. However He decided to do this in steps, leading to this amazing graphic overview. Isn’t that wonderful?! Thank You Father!


More thieves in prison

Also three thieves were arrested when they were stealing harvest. They have been thrown into prison. So here we see how criminal people are becoming when food is scarce. People do not think about the children or about Agape Family anymore. They only care about themselves and about food. Of course our Heavenly Father Yahuah knows about this, hence the 4 police officers who are protecting Agape Family.


We are praying that more police officers will be installed for Agape Family.


On 22.04 Johan and Jean Pierre made a new plan for 3,060 kg of seed potatoes and 1,970 kg of bean seeds. This is a bigger amount than they usually come up with. The same day the gift was sent. And what a miracle happened: Agape Family received seeds on credit, even though quite a large amount of credit had already been given. Praise our Heavenly Father for softening the hearts of these sellers! HalleluYah!

Also, instead of 180 kg of seed potatoes and 130 kg of bean seeds, they now received 180 kg of seed potatoes and 200 kg of bean seeds for free. 

Thank You Father!


Amazing miracle with the police!

On 25.04 Jean Pierre kept getting phone calls from the owners of the mountain grounds. In 2023 land on a mountain was bought and the rent had to be paid for the second year, which we did. Yeshua Himself had told the resurrected children in 2023 that the mountain was destined for a church, for a school and for a children’s hospital. However now the police, who was helping Agape Family, advised Jean Pierre to start sowing the mountain lands as well. They even offered to protect the lands!! HalleluYah! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!!


On 26.04 Jean Pierre spoke to Johan about sowing potatoes and beans on the mountain. Johan said it was okay, as long as it was safe and secured. Then Jean Pierre told him about the police. Upon that Johan gave his blessing. Johan and Jean Pierre made a plan for the mountain, which included a total of 16,800 kg of seed potatoes and 14,000 kg of bean seeds!! The plan is to reach this amount in steps. Also imagine all the work it takes for the children to sow all these seeds!


So Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre for 1,800 kg of seed potatoes and 1,000 kg of bean seeds. Thanks to Medical Medium information Johan and Naomi have learned that these are more nutritious than cassava and corn (also see Naomi’s Facebook group “Medical Medium lifestyle”).

This time Agape Family only received  50 kg of bean seeds for free. The amount of free seeds was less than usual, due to the long road of transport that had to be covered to get them to the mountain. Praise our Heavenly Father for providing them with free seeds anyway! With this gift also the rent for the mountain was paid for the entire year up to April 2025.


From that day 26.04, until 29.04, Jean Pierre, together with 201 children, sowed on the mountain. During that entire time they stayed on the mountain, which means they slept there as well! They had brought food and drinks with them. 


On 29.04, while Jean Pierre was still on the mountain with the children, he suddenly got a phone call. It was Igiraneza, who used the phone of a police officer. He told Jean Pierre that 4 big buses were on their way to pick up Jean Pierre and the 201 children!! The police had sent the 4 buses to bring them home safely. So they did not have to walk the long way after all those days and nights on the mountain! HalleluYah!!! What a MIRACLE!!! Thank You Father!!!


Oh how hard they worked those 4 days. I am so grateful that things now are so different for the children than 2 years ago in April 2022. Back then, Jean Pierre and all the children had to spend 6 days and 6 nights on a mountain in the cold and rain. This misery was the result of stolen money and hardened hearts of the owners of the buildings. It eventually led to the deaths of thousands of children… (and also over 700 of resurrected children!) And now our Heavenly Father Yahuah softened the hearts of the police and this happened… Praise Him praise Him praise Him! HalleluYah!!!


Perhaps you are wondering why our Heavenly Father Yahuah took so long before He made this huge change for the children. From dying on a mountain to using the police to pick them up from a mountain so they did not have to walk that huge distance.


It is good to keep in mind how our Heavenly Father Yahuah always shows His greatness in steps. As people, we always want to see a huge miracle today, but He is greater than that. He actually performs thousands of miracles, which can be seen throughout the whole Bible. Remember the 10 plagues with Moses for example (Exodus). He chose to show Himself through 10 plagues, whereas He could also have picked up His people and placed them at the sea in an instant.

And now He does the same with the children. First the police started protecting Agape Family, then the they told Jean Pierre to start sowing on the mountain and now they voluntarily picked up the children!

He works in the same way when we are trying to figure out His will. He provides us with dreams, visions, different contacts (who might also have received dreams and visions) and eventually, after a 100,000 puzzle pieces, we get to our destination. We only have to be willing to obey, surrender our will and enjoy this amazing journey that He has planned out for us. Not always fun, but ALWAYS GOOD. He needs us to touch souls and He wants to form our character, since that is what counts in Heaven. How great is He!!! All Honour and Glory for our Heavenly Father Yahuah! HalleluYah!

More followers of Yeshua

Speaking of souls, Jean Pierre furthermore reported to Johan that the owners of the mountain have now become serious followers of Yeshua! HalleluYah! They told him it was because of Johan’s prayer for them and because of what Johan and Jean Pierre are doing for the children. Johan indicated that he prays for such people whenever he gets to speak to them. Regardless of whether they are owners of the mountain, shop owners or people from the government. During those moments the Holy Spirit provides these people with messages that Johan has to tell them. Think about severe warnings that they have to be faithful for everything to turn out just fine.

Also Johan beautifully demonstrated how someone will automatically help the children when they surrender to and search for Yeshua. Since that leads to growing into the heart of Yeshua Himself! How amazing! So the more people who really follow Yeshua, the more people who will support CFY!


Synchronized harvesting and sowing on the same day!

On 29.04, still the same day, it was harvesting time again for Agape Family. This time Igiraneza harvested with 379 children whilst Jean Pierre was sowing on the mountain with the 201 children. Praise the Holy Spirit for instructing Johan and Jean Pierre to train Igiraneza as leader! Without the plan of the Holy Spirit it would not have been possible to perform harvesting and sowing tasks at the same time! HalleluYah! Agape Family now has teams that work together! Igiraneza and the children took in 13,200 kg of potatoes and 9,780 kg of beans.


On 29.04 Johan and Jean Pierre also made a new plan to sow grounds 11 and 15. They came up with 2,080 kg of seed potatoes and 1,900 kg of bean seeds. The same day the gift was sent. Johan reported that the amount of money had definitely not been enough for the seeds, since there had been nothing left in his Dutch account. However AGAIN Agape Family received credit, which was also a substantial amount! It is so special that this is still happening after all this time

It truly is our Heavenly Father Yahuah at work for Agape Family. Thank You Father! And on top of the credit, Agape Family received 100 kg of seed potatoes and 100 kg of bean seeds for free. The free seed potatoes and bean seeds most likely were less than other times due to the substantial amount of credit. Thank You Father for all the free seeds and free transport!


On 29.04 Jean Pierre immediately started sowing again with 209 children.


Johan reported that he does not hear from Jean Pierre for a while when he is sowing with the children. He is continuously busy.

Please notice the upgrade in terms of sowing and harvesting that, by Yahuah’s Grace, has been done between March and April: in March Agape Family was sowing and harvesting separately and harvesting was done about once a week.


In April sowing and harvesting was happening simultaneously by Jean Pierre, Igiraneza and the children that were joining them.


Further improvement of sowing and prayer points

And now, on 29.04, Jean Pierre and 201 children were still sowing on the mountain. The very same day he and 209 children started sowing again on different grounds! Let us pray that the leaders and the children all keep getting the strength they need to continue this newly set rhythm of sowing and harvesting. Other prayer points are big harvests and more police protection for Jean Pierre and the children. We also need to stock enough food for scarce times, both for all children in Agape Family and Shalom Family, as well as for all the children that are still to enter the families! Because they WILL come! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for all He does for the families and the children!! HalleluYah!

Thank you for all your prayers and blessings for CFY! Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY. He will bless you abundantly for it for His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. These are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah


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