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Again it took a while. During the past months a lot has happened in the lives of Johan and Naomi, who are now in the Netherlands. The Spiritual battle was intense, but He is with them! Praise the Lord! Here we are again sharing our EXTENSIVE update on the distribution of donations from 1 March 2024 to 31 March 2024.



Currently with 3,048 children.

Not enough money, yet enough seeds!

On 01.03 Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre for 2,450 kg of seed potatoes and 1,600 kg of bean seeds. After prayer Agape Family received 60 kg of seed potatoes and 60 kg of bean seeds for free! Besides they were allowed to take a big part on credit, because the gift had not been sufficient. Thank You dear Father! 

We have not been able to send enough funds due to new money transfer restrictions in Rwanda. However He touched the hearts of the sellers to give Agape Family enough seeds anyway.


3+ days of sowing with the SAME children

The same day Jean Pierre started sowing with 314 children, since everything had to be put into the ground. In Rwanda the government will confiscate the grounds when these are not being sown immediately after harvesting. Jean Pierre and these children spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday ánd Sunday night doing all the sowing! Pay attention to the fact that they were all the same children every time! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for all the power He has given them!


Harvesting and wood chopping

On 07.03 it was harvest time again and Agape Family took in 3,890 kg of potatoes and 4,794 kg of beans! 208 children also processed 2 trees of 30 m into 5,670 pieces of wood for cooking. The process with the trees took 5 hours.


Pressure from the government

On 08.03 the government started hunting for the empty pieces of land, which had become exposed after harvesting. Within Agape Family the yield from the harvest is used to calculate the amount that can be put back into the ground. Because of this, after harvesting, Johan and Jean Pierre every time make a plan to resow the pieces of ground. However, the government was not pleased with the time between the research and the sowing. Hence they began to exert spiritual pressure again.


The plan of 08.03 required 2,160 kg of seed potatoes and 1,800 kg of bean seeds. This time the Holy Spirit immediately gave Johan a go for sending the gift the very same day. From Shalom Family we had learned that it is serious business in Rwanda regarding the confiscation of grounds by the government. So many residents around Agape Family and Shalom Family have already lost their grounds. Because of this, hundreds of people are now literally dying from starvation!! So realize that people now get blood on their hands when they obey the government…


With the gift it was possible to pay back a part of the credit from last time. This credit could not get too high. Instead of the 2 x 60 kg of the week before, this time they received 100 kg of seed potatoes and 100 kg of bean seeds for free! HalleluYah! Praise the Father!


4 days of sowing

On 09.03 Jean Pierre had been sowing with 288 children.

On 10.03 he did this with 301 children.

On 11.03 the sowing took place with 341 children.

On 12.03 Jean Pierre had been sowing with 272 children.


Increased harvest and living in Biblical times

On 16.03 Jean Pierre took in the harvest together with 417 children6,930 kg of potatoes and 4,780 kg of beans. This was over 3,000 kg of potatoes more than the harvest of 7 March and about the same quantity of beans. HalleluYah! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!


Naomi said that we really are living in Biblical times and that Jean Pierre, just as Joseph, needs to stock up on food for 7 years of famine after 7 years of plenty (Genesis 41).


We are so grateful that whereas in October 2023 the children prepared grounds in faith now they are continuously being sown and harvested thanks to our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah (see video below from our very own YouTube channel “Calling from Yahuah”).

Video made by Jean Pierre (leader of Agape Family) in October 2023, when the children of Agape Family were preparing ground 11 in faith. Now it’s continuously being sown and harvested thanks to our amazing Heavenly Father Yahuah! HalleluYah!

Daily pressure from the government

On 17.03 Johan and Jean Pierre again made a plan to fill the grounds with seed potatoes and bean seeds. Every day (!) Agape Family gets checked for empty grounds by 8 government public officials. For this reason the children now are sowing thousands of kilos of seed potatoes and bean seeds after harvesting!


The new plan of Johan and Jean Pierre consisted of 2,430 kg of seed potatoes and 1,780 kg of bean seeds.


On 01.03 they had received 60 kg of seed potatoes and 60 kg of bean seeds for free. On 08.03 they received 100 kg of seed potatoes and 100 kg of bean seeds. Now they received 150 kg of seed potatoes and 120 kg of bean seeds. As you can see the amounts increase. Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!


Jean Pierre’s life is saved by our Heavenly Father Yahuah!

On 18.03, one day later, Jean Pierre had gone into the city to purchase the seeds. However this plan was stopped. During his daily checking round of the grounds Igiraneza, one of the 12 leaders trained by Jean Pierre, discovered 17 thieves who had stolen the harvest. He informed Jean Pierre, who immediately called the police. Later it turned out that the thieves had stolen 960 kg of potatoes and 282 kg of beans. The thieves had found out that Agape Family always has food. Among them were 4 ex-leaders of Agape Family who had gone away because, at that time, they had not longer wanted to suffer. They now wanted to kill Jean Pierre and to destroy Agape Family again. Eventually the thieves were arrested and they now are in prison for at least 10 years (without food if nobody takes care of them). The harvest was brought back to Agape Family. After this the police said that they would do something to protect Agape Family. Johan received this information from Jean Pierre on 19 March (see the screenshots below). For more details about this story, see the update on social media of 19 March 2024: “Our Heavenly Father Yahuah saves Jean Pierre’s life!” (https://www.facebook.com/share/p/vVk45GRRvAF67nBm/?mibextid=WC7FNe)

Conversation between Johan and Jean Pierre on 19 March 2024 via Facebook Messenger. 

Again here we see the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit! He had told Johan to instruct Jean Pierre to train Igiraneza and 11 other leaders. After Johan had done this, Jean Pierre faithfully obeyed and he trained them. If Igiraneza had not been there in the above story, it would have led to a completely different ending for Agape Family. Thank You Holy Spirit!!


Agape Family sent out believers!

On 20.03 Johan received an update of Jean Pierre about the workers who had installed electricity for Agape Family in December 2023. I, Carina, had asked Johan what had happened with these workers after they had accepted Yeshua. It turned out that they were no longer in Rwanda, but that they had gone abroad! Do you see what our Heavenly Father Yahuah is doing?! Without knowing we have sent believers from Agape Family in Rwanda to a different country! HalleluYah!


Preparation and confirmation by the Holy Spirit

Again we see the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit: while working on this update, Johan spoke about Philip who had to baptize someone in the Bible book Acts. Afterwards that person went back to his home country to tell about Yeshua and to evangelize. When I heard this I, Carina, indicated that I had read that passage of Scripture only a few days before! The Holy Spirit had provided me with this information up front, so I would know what Johan was talking about and so I could place the event with the electricians in biblical context. His timing is always perfect! This is true as well regarding these updates from March that Johan transferred to me on 18 April. For us they may have seemed to be late, but we are never late, since the Holy Spirit is in full control. HalleluYah!!


And it even gets better: on 21 April, just before Johan and me would go over the updates (not knowing that we were going to do that), I listened to a teaching. During this teaching the story about Philip and the man was read to me from the Bible. Wow! Praise the Holy Spirit! He knows what is going to happen!


The devil’s plans fail AGAIN

On 21.03 Jean Pierre could, after everything that had happened, finally sow again with 318 children. The gift had already been sent on 18.03 but, due to everything with the thieves and the police, they could only start days later. Here you can see that the devil was trying to take away both the grounds and the harvests from Agape Family. For if the grounds would be empty after harvesting, the government would confiscate them.


Also he tried to hinder the sowing of the grounds and thus the creation of a food stock for scarce times.


Thinking about everything that has happened and that still is happening to Agape Family, it is a huge miracle that they exist today! Let alone that they have their own grounds. During all this time the family did not only experience resistance from sales people, but also from town leaders, ground owners, public officials, police officers and government leaders. Even false ex-leaders have attacked Agape Family! All Honour and Glory for our Heavenly Father Yahuah who always protects Agape Family! He does this, because it is His plan and it has been His plan since the beginning of the foundation of the earth and it will be until the last day!


That same day Jean Pierre also was struck with headache and fever. For the devil pulls out all the stops.


Another increase in harvest yield!

On 24.03 it was harvesting time and the yield again increased! This time Jean Pierre harvested together with 410 children (also more than last time). The harvest was 7,108 kg of potatoes and 3,464 kg of beans. HalleluYah!


Johan and Jean Pierre again made a new plan to fill the soil and they came up with 2,300 kg of seed potatoes and 1,600 kg of bean seeds.


On 25.03 the seed potatoes and the bean seeds were bought and again Agape Family got 150 kg of seed potatoes and 120 kg of bean seeds for free. With this purchase we also paid off a piece of credit. Thank You dear Father!


Sowing for 5 days with the SAME children

On 26.03 Jean Pierre again started sowing with 379 children. For five days they have kept sowing to put the thousands of kg of seed potatoes and bean seeds into the grounds. The same children worked all five days. How hard they worked! On 30 March everything had been put into the soil again.


Huge miracle with the police!

On 27.03 a big miracle happened. That day policemen were installed to protect Agape Family every evening. Wow! The police had first been used by satan against Agape Family, but now our Heavenly Father Yahuah used them to protect the family! Praise Him!! HalleluYah!! He is só good!! And He always protects Agape Family!


New food plan and introduction of the Medical Medium lifestyle into the families

On 30.03 a new plan for food was introduced by Johan and Jean Pierre. The children now get a little bit more than the 92 grams every other day, that they got before. Now every two days 190 kg of potatoes is being prepared for 3,048 children. This is 62.3 grams of potatoes per child. Also 130 kg of beans is being prepared for 3,048 children. This is 42.6 grams of beans per child. So the children now get 62.3 grams of potatoes and 42.6 grams of beans every other day. Before they got 46 grams of potatoes and 46 grams of beans once every two days.


Since the children are working so hard, they need power food. For this reason the children now get more potatoes and less beans than before. Potatoes are more nutritious than beans and they make the children stronger. Johan and Naomi knew this due to the Medical Medium information (also see Naomi’s Facebook group “Medical Medium lifestyle”).

After many prayers Johan and Naomi received this information from our Heavenly Father Yahuah! Due to this knowledge, at the time, they told Jean Pierre to sow potatoes and they provided Joseph of Shalom Family with the same instructions. In Rwanda eating potatoes is an extremely rare occasion. Most people over there only eat rice (a mere filler food) and beans. The members of Shalom Family ate like that before, but oh how that has changed!!

For this reason the children can make it with such a little amount of food every other day: the food they do eat is nutritious and advised by the Almighty God Himself. But above all they receive their strength from Him!! Praise Him! He is só good and He takes such good care of them! HalleluYah!


More details due to the Holy Spirit

As you may have noticed, this update was completely different from previous editions. Before, Johan did not have to mention certain details. However now the Holy Spirit told him that it is time to share more daily activities from Agape Family and Shalom Family. And, as you have read, Johan obeys.


The Holy Spirit is always good! His plan is perfect! We are curious to see what will come from this and we believe that it will be something amazing!

What can you do for the children? 

Thank you for all your prayers and your blessings for CFY! Keep Praying for us, Building with us, Sharing CFY and Giving to our Heavenly Father Yahuah by donating to CFY. He will bless you abundantly for it for His heart truly is with the orphans, widows, poor and the oppressed. These are His children!


Be blessed to be a blessing!


Team Calling from Yahuah



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Written by:

Carina Meijer

Ambassador (voluntary basis)

Team Calling from Yahuah



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May 28, 2024 00:27

Thank you for this new and detailed update. This fills my heart with gratitude. I’m in awe of God. Gods heart truly is with the orphans and the poor. The Holy Spirit is leading you and everyone in CFY and by obeying Him you will receive Gods blessing…Thats what we see time and time again in the bible. It’s only by God’s grace that the children can do so much work with so little nourishment. Im glad that the children will get more potatoes because potatoes are more nutritious than beans and rice. I love the children in CFY because they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and Jesus paid a high price for them. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Last edited 22 days ago by Celine
May 28, 2024 10:09
Reply to  Celine

Dear Celine,

Thank you so much for your open heart for our children in Rwanda, you are a big blessing for CFY since the moment you surrendered your life to our King and Savior Yeshua/The Lord Jesus Christ.
Because of your obedience and open heart you saved the lives of many children.
Thank you for being a friend of CFY!!!
Much love from us all and we miss you very much.

Team Calling from Yahuah.

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